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The Central Iowa Academy Of Collaborative Professionals (CIACP) is a consortium of Family Law attorneys who offer a cooperative way to divorce, unlike the traditional adversarial method. The CIACP trains and screens attorneys for membership, and is your best resource in Iowa for finding qualified collaborative lawyers for both you and your spouse. The CIACP is also your best resource in Iowa for finding qualified collaborative professionals such as Child Specialists and Financial Specialists they are available here.

Kimberly S. Bartosh



Whitfield & Eddy, P.L.C.

317 Sixth Ave. Suite 1200, Des Moines, Iowa 50309-4195

Kimberly S. Bartosh enjoys a reputation as an experienced and highly principled divorce lawyer. She has nearly a decade of experience in the area of family law. Her practice includes representing clients in divorce cases involving complex marital estates, custody and support issues. Her clients have included owners of closely held family businesses and farming operations, as well as various medical, legal and business professionals. Kimberly does not believe in utilizing the confrontational style of some practitioners. Rather, Kimberly believes there is more to be gained by providing a steadying and calming influence to what is very often a very emotional and stressful process. Fully understanding the cost, uncertainty, and risk involved with litigation, Kimberly believes that before resorting to trial, her clients are better served by first attempting to reach a self-directed resolution. When a negotiated settlement is not, however, attainable, clients may rely on Kimberly's skills as an experienced trial attorney and her familiarity with divorce related court proceedings. Kimberly is AV rated by Martindale-Hubbell and was selected for inclusion in 2015 Great Plains Super Lawyers in the area of General Litigation (Rising Stars: 2013-2015)

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