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A Collaborative Divorce will generally cost less than a litigated divorce. The total cost of a Collaborative Divorce depends on a number of factors. These factors include the difficulty and number of issues to be resolved, your attorney’s hourly rate, the costs of getting the necessary data or information, and amount of time your attorney and other professionals need to spend on the file. Attorneys’ rates vary. It is reasonable to expect a clear explanation of the attorney’s billing policies. Further, it is reasonable to expect the billing policies to be confirmed in writing.

While there are many factors which affect the total cost, far and away the biggest factor is how quickly agreement is reached.

You would have attorney fees, in a traditional (adversarial) divorce as well. In analyzing the costs of various options, don’t overlook the emotional cost of a lengthy battle or the frequent fall-out of the adversarial process: continuing, on-going conflict in the future. The goal of the Collaborative Process is to complete your divorce as efficiently as possible in order to minimize both financial and emotional cost.